World’s Most Dangerous City

4 months ago 434

What goes into an evaluation of whether or not a city is safe? Crime? Personal liberty? Dangerously dirty air? Bad weather brought on by climate change? The Economist Intelligence Unit released its biennial Safe Cities Index, which attempts to answer the question. According to the index, the world's most dangerous city is Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar.

The Economist study looks at five factors of security: digital security, health security, infrastructure security, personal security, and environmental security. Each of these is broken into more specific indicators, a total of 76, all factored into the score. Each metric is measured across 60 cities, with a total possible high score of 100, with 100 being best health, or safest. Cities are categorized as very high (75.1 to 100), high (50.1 to 75), medium (25.1 to 50), and low (0 to 25).