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BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 4K - Soft Piano Music With Bird Singing & Amazing Nature Videos | 4K HDR

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BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 4K - Soft Piano Music With Bird Singing & Amazing Nature Videos | 4K HDR

Despite the overwhelming popularity of neighbouring Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a destination that has somehow remained relatively unexplored and off the beaten path, much to the delight of those who include a stop there on their Balkans itinerary.
With the border located less than an hour’s drive from top spots like Dubrovnik or Kotor, Montenegro, travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina is a cinch and makes for an amazing road trip: think lush rolling hills, centuries old ruins, historic cities and towering waterfalls pooling into jade-green lakes. Oh, and if all that wasn’t enough to tempt you to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina, you’ll be happy to know it’s also shockingly affordable by European standards.
Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the least visited countries in Europe (777,000 international tourist arrivals), is often forgotten while planning a backpacking trip through Europe. Like many Balkans countries, it is stuck in the shadows of more popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. However, this is not for lack of natural beauty, culture, history, affordability, or any quality that makes a travel destination great. 
Scarred from the horrific civil war that tore the country apart in the 1990s, Bosnia and Herzegovina has slowly built its reputation anew, and whispers are starting to circle around travel circles once more. Though the writing is on the walls — its dark history can be seen clear as day all around the country — with its craggily, heartbreaking remnants of a war that devastated the country. What is left is a touching story of character and a united nation — one which speaks volumes of the human warmth and hospitality you will encounter. 
Between its beautiful mountains, its gushing white water rivers, its crumbling medieval castles left in ruins, enormous and plentiful waterfalls, and affordable yet surprising ski slopes, there is a little something for everyone in this country, and what meets the eye is only half of what there is to see and do in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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