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The Detroit Red Wings have signed defenceman prospect William Wallinder.

This video is taking place after the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, and after the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The 2022 NHL Draft 1st Round went as follows:

1st) Montreal Canadiens, Juraj Slafkovsky
2nd) New Jersey Devils, Simon Nemec
3rd) Arizona Coyotes, Logan Cooley
4th) Seattle Kraken, Shane Wright
5th) Philadelphia Flyers, Cutter Gauthier
6th) Columbus Blue Jackets (from Chicago Blackhawks), David Jiricek
7th) Chicago Blackhawks (from Ottawa Senators), Kevin Korchinski
8th) Detroit Red Wings, Marco Kasper
9th) Buffalo Sabres, Matthew Savoie
10th) Anaheim Ducks, Pavel Mintyukov
11th) Arizona Coyotes (from San Jose Sharks), Conor Geekie
12th) Columbus Blue Jackets, Denton Mateychuk
13th) Chicago Blackhawks (from New York Islanders), Frank Nazar
14th) Winnipeg Jets, Rutger McGroarty
15th) Vancouver Canucks, Jonathan Lekkerimaki
16th) Buffalo Sabres (Vegas Golden Knights), Noah Ostlund
17th) Nashville Predators, Joakim Kemell
18th) Dallas Stars, Lian Bichsel
19th) Minnesota Wild (from LA Kings), Liam Ohgren
20th) Washington Capitals, Ivan Miroshnichenko
21st) Pittsburgh Penguins, Owen Pickering
22nd) Anaheim Ducks (from Boston Bruins), Nathan Gaucher
23rd) St. Louis Blues, Jimmy Snuggerud
24th) Minnesota Wild, Danila Yurov
25th) Chicago Blackhawks (from Toronto Maple Leafs), Sam Rinzel
26th) Montreal Canadiens (from Calgary Flames), Filip Mesar
27th) San Jose Sharks (from Carolina Hurricanes via Arizona Coyotes and Montreal Canadiens), Filip Bystedt
28th) Buffalo Sabres (from Florida Panthers), Jiri Kulich
29th) Arizona Coyotes (from Edmonton Oilers), Maveric Lamoureux
30th) Winnipeg Jets (from New York Rangers), Brad Lambert
31st) Tampa Bay Lightning, Isaac Howard
32nd) Edmonton Oilers (from Colorado Avalanche via Arizona Coyotes), Reid Schaefer

This video is also taking place after 2022 NHL Season, and after the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs, where the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Finals.

William Wallinder was one of the top NHL prospects at the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

The 2020 NHL Entry Draft saw many top NHL prospects get selected by a variety of teams. The first round of the draft went as follows:

1st) New York Rangers, Alexis Lafrenière
2nd) Los Angeles Kings, Quinton Byfield
3rd) Ottawa Senators (from San Jose Sharks), Tim Stützle
4th) Detroit Red Wings, Lucas Raymond
5th) Ottawa Senators, Jake Sanderson
6th) Anaheim Ducks, Jamie Drysdale
7th) New Jersey Devils, Alexander Holtz
8th) Buffalo Sabres, Jack Quinn
9th) Minnesota Wild, Marco Rossi
10th) Winnipeg Jets, Cole Perfetti
11th) Nashville Predators, Yaroslav Askarov
12th) Florida Panthers, Anton Lundell
13th) Carolina Hurricanes (from Toronto Maple Leafs), Seth Jarvis
14th) Edmonton Oilers, Dylan Holloway
15th) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Pittsburgh Penguins), Rodion Amirov
16th) Montreal Canadiens, Kaiden Guhle
17th) Chicago Blackhawks, Lukas Reichel
18th) New Jersey Devils (from Arizona Coyotes), Dawson Mercer
19th) New York Rangers (from Calgary Flames), Braden Schneider
20th) New Jersey Devils (from Vancouver Canucks), Shakir Mukhamadullin
21st) Columbus Blue Jackets, Yegor Chinakov
22nd) Washington Capitals (from Carolina Hurricanes via New York Rangers and Calgary Flames), Hendrix Lapierre
23rd) Philadelphia Flyers, Tyson Foerster
24th) Calgary Flames (from Washington Capitals), Connor Zary
25th) Colorado Avalanche, Justin Barron
26th) St. Louis Blues, Jake Neighbours
27th) Anaheim Ducks (from Boston Bruins), Jacob Perreault
28th) Ottawa Senators (from New York Islanders), Ridly Greig
29th) Vegas Golden Knights, Brendan Brisson
30th) Dallas Stars, Mavrik Bourque
31st) San Jose Sharks (from Tampa Bay Lightning), Ozzy Wiesblatt

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