How To Write Quality Guest Post Acceptable By BiH Link

Article Writing Guidelines

To write quality guest post on BiH Link blogging community which will be accepted by editors or administrators, you need to follow these guidelines and tips because we are looking to keep quality over quantity and keep our website authority on high level which will benefit you as a blogger / writer as well as readers. Please follow simple instructions:


Before writing your post, read other guest posts and see what level of quality they are at and how they are formatted to capture reader’s attention. Also, read some comments and try to formulate an idea of the audience you are going to be writing for. Consider the posts that feature the most comments and analyze what they have in common. To generate the best attention for your blog post, it is essential that your post generate views, votes, shares, comments and become trending or even popular on our blogging community.

Create Idea For Next Post

After researching our published articles, interacting with other bloggers on BiH Link, you can start creating ideas for your next writing. If you want to write guest post to generate backlink for your own website then make sure it is relevant to your site and ensure that the post is not only unique, but something that will definitely catch a reader’s interest. Be creative, innovative, write something funny, unheard-of, or even controversial. Don’t create simple clickbait! Also prepare featured image before publishing post. Keep in mind that image speaks thousands of words and it may be crucial to get our visitors read your post or even interact with commenting, shares, votes etc… Also, keep in mind that your post should be at list 300 words, but we would recommend even 500 to 1000 words, in order to be accepted. Titles are crucial same as featured image, so we suggest creating eye catching title 100% related to your article. Good idea would be to use Google search or some other tools to research good keywords for your title. Title should be 60 to 100 characters length for good SEO score.

Article contents

Please DO NOT write anything related to adult, gambling or hate and other inappropriate contents. DO NOT spam! DO NOT copy articles from any other blog post, we simply don’t accept such content on our website!
Your article is allowed to have ONE link to external source or your website, but we also urge you to make links to our internal blog posts, not too many. If your English is not best, you could always use some free online grammar checking tool, to make sure your post is understandable to readers. Tags also could drive a lot of readings, so create nice, SEO friendly long tail tags as keywords for your article.

Other tips and tricks to create a masterful guest blog post:

Keep it simple and easy for our readers. Make it interesting, educative or add other positive value to it. No need to be professional writer, but exercise your writing skills as well as the way to keep your readers waiting for your next post.
Once your guest post is approved and published to public, share it with your friends on your social media networks like Twitter, Facebook etc… Find a nice way to mention it and link it in your next post, and interact with people who comment on your post.

Guest blogging is a great tactic to reach targeted audiences if done right. It’s also one of the best tactics to gain quality backlinks for your website, so don’t ruin it, use it right and you will benefit for long time. And always keep in mind that we will prioritize quality over quantity.

Happy blogging

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