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Trade12 Review 2017

Trade12 Review 2017

In the modern day trading arena, the focus has shifted from a slow and stable style of trading, to a fast-paced day trading culture. Day trading was something unthinkable by the average trader a few decades. It was only practiced by individuals who had enough starting money and a license to trade in the pits, right where all the action and stress was.

Getting back to today though, many traders have shifted towards a focus on day trading, while neglecting position trading and long-term investing. Many are not satisfied with long-term timeframe trading anymore, where there tends to be a tendency to see holding long-term positions as “unviable” in the slightly volatile markets of today.

As a result, a lot of position traders and investors have been alienated from online platforms. Not a lot of platforms are geared towards providing long-term traders benefits. Not a lot of platforms care about hosting position traders and investors, preferring to focus their benefits on “in the moment” day trading.

There’s one platform that breaks those rules though…

Trade12 – The Internet’s Most Trusted Trading Platform.

Trade12 is a company that is subsidiary to Global Financial Services Limited (a UK company). Trade12 has been a platform operating for close to 12 years, initially starting in 2005. Through a period of 12 years, Trade12 has dealt with a multitude of clients with varying position sizes and trading styles.

The platform isn’t just a place where you contact a broker and place an order. Consider it to be a hub that helps traders do their analytic homework with the most important and up-to-date information. Trade12 basically provides benefits beyond a safe platform for trading. It is a location where a trader can get the information they need to execute trades with high potentials of success.

Getting Back to Long Timeframe Traders.

Long timeframe traders rely more on measurements of how the markets will play out in the long-term. If we look at the styles of a long timeframe trader, fundamental analysis of market events and industries tends to be a core part of the strategy.

All of the previous information is provided by the Trade12 platform. Trade12 focuses on providing accurate and up-to-date regarding changes in the markets you can trade on the platform.

Trade12 allows for trading forex, metals, and future’s markets (for major indices). For example, information is available often of changes within a country’s political and economic policies. This is vital for long timeframe forex trading. If you’re betting on a currency for the long-term, it’s best if you have an understanding of the central bank’s policies of that country.

You also have constant news updates with regards to earning reports releases. Trade12 provides an earning’s calendar for a multitude of worldwide companies, which can help future’s traders understand how companies in a specific index operate. Again, this is vital for a long-term future’s position.

It is also beneficial for traders who aren’t engaged in markets that can be traded through Trade12. A long-term trader or investor who prefers to play in the stock market have the option of using the Trade12 website in order to get an update on earning’s report releases. Thus, Trade12 is not a website that only benefits accounts registered on the platform. It also benefits traders who operate through different markets and brokers.

Information of the economic calendar features companies from many indices all over the world. Those include US companies, Japanese companies, and even Brazilian companies.

It is also the reason for the platform’s fame. With a schedule to inform traders and investors of earning’s releases, the platform becomes readily visited on a consistent basis, especially for updates regarding companies that have joined the platform’s earning’s list.

The Technical Aspects of Long-Term Trading.

Long-term trading and investing is not just fundamentals based. It is also technical based to some extent, where the reliance on charts with long timeframes goes a long way.

Trade12 provides market updates for markets, with updates recurring on a daily basis in the market reports section of its platform. Anyone can view charts of course, but Trade12 helps traders focus by highlighting chart motions relevant to the major trend of a market.

In addition to technical updates, information is provided on high probability signals for market entrances and exits. This can aid a trader in making decisions with regards to entry time, which still have a priority, even for long timeframe traders.

Easy Fund Deposits.

More often than not, long timeframe traders tend to operate on larger margin levels, and with bigger accounts than day traders.

Trade12 allows for multiple funding sources to accounts, even accepting deposits at speeds that make customers smile. MasterCard and Visa funding are accepted, where the deposit time is instantaneous. Additionally, there are no fees of deposit, another advantage of the Trade12 platform.

Trade12 also accepts funding sources from many regional and e-wallet systems. For example, Trade12 allow for funds to be accepted from the Russian Yandex Money, in addition to the Skrill e-wallet system. Funds are also accepted through wire transfer from the SWIFT system.

Leverage is also vital for long timeframe traders. With long timeframe traders, there is usually a reduced risk of margin calls, which makes it safe to bet larger. This is provided through the Trade12 platform, which allows for leverage up to 400 times, in addition to setting of accurate stop losses through its Meta Trader 4 platform.

It’s Not Just Day Trading that’s supported with Trade12.

Long-term trading is a possibility with Trade12 (and has always been since the platforms existence). Being around for 12 years, the platform has excelled in providing traders with the toolsets necessary to trade in their preferred style.

This platform is highly recommended for long-term investors too. The commissions are low, in addition to the free deposit fees. You can simply place your money into the markets you feel are correct, sit back, and never have to worry about technical difficulties that you may find in many other starter trading platforms.