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Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

Are you a blogger struggling to increase website traffic to your blog? All SEO experts say “write great content and readers will come”. Unfortunately, with over 300 million blogs online is not so easy anymore to make your brand stand up from the crowd. Here are 10 strategies that will help you increase website traffic.

1. Publish expert roundups on your blog. Roundups are great because you get a
lot of likes, shares and comments. You can also become friends with influencers and
other bloggers from your niche.

2. Get feature in expert roundups. Alternatively, getting featured in a roundup
gives you Authority. In addition, the roundup itself will bring a lot of readers
and awareness of your brand regardless of the number of visitors the blogger
may have.

The blogger may also rise up to fame in the future which will make
your exposure all the more valuable. Readers will perceive you as an expert
and other bloggers who create roundups will invite you to participate in their

3. Do guest blogging. Publish occasionally an article on other blogs. Request the blogger to create an account on that blog on your name. Add a small biography in your profile and insert a do follow link to your blog. This will help you with your SEO to increase organic website traffic from search engines.

4. Do reverse guest blogging. Invite other bloggers to write a post for your blog. They will share it with their audience and you will both gain new readers.

5. Interview other bloggers. This type of posts are very easy to do. Just send a
few question to another blogger, he will send you his answers, add a biography
and a nice photo, write the intro and outro and that is all.

6. Add tweetable quotes in your posts. You can use for free Tweet This plugin.
The disadvantage it that it will add a link to their home page in each quote and
that will mess up your SEO. However, I learned a trick to resolve this. You can
easily remove those extra links by fixing the plugin’s settings before you start
using it.

7. Use photos in your posts. Images make a post look nicer and more appealing to your readers. You can find many free images on internet.

8. Create info-graphics. Having only text in a post can get boring for the reader. But visual content can help increase readability. You can make info-graphics using free tools like Venngage, Canva or Piktochart.

9. Make a podcast. Audio content is easier for the reader to digest because it
doesn’t take so much effort on their part.

10. Make a video. You don’t have to write articles with thousands of words. You
can record yourself saying the same information in a few minutes.

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