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Dense Content SEO Trends 2017

Dense Content – New SEO Trend In 2017

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules are changing time to time and there is new announcements for 2017 which you should take care of, if you looking to stay in trend with Google and other search engines while optimizing your blog contents.

As it’s announced, new SEO trend for 2017 is dense content, which mean that you won’t be pushed any more to add additional fluff and unwanted words to your blog posts in order to make your SEO efforts better and boost your SERP. From now on, it will be enough to write 300+ words articles and they will be accepted as quality if you can get straight to the point and provide valuable information within. You can still write 1000+ words articles, but your website won’t be degraded if you have short contents with quality information in it.

Nowadays people don’t have time to waste on reading long stories for short information, so search engines take that fact for serious matter and will reward quality dense content with their SERP algorithm.

Now you can relax as blogger, article writer or regular reader, because there is no need to worry about writing articles for hours or reading useless articles and wasting your precious time.

Same thing explained by Chris Hudspeth in his video:


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