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Founder of BiH Link since 2000.
Web developer, web programmer and social media marketer

Kako rezati luk bez suza? Kuharski trik

rezanje lika

Luk je jedna od namirnica koja se gotovo svaki dan koristi u kuhinji, no mnogima od njega doslovno idu suze na oči. Ako ste pritom osjetljiviji, dobro se isplačete dok izrežete samo jednu glavicu luka koja vam je potrebna za ručak. No, jeste li znali da postoje načini kako izrezati …

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Fresh The Clowns x Legendary Boyz – Call Casting

Fresh the clowns dance Universoul Circus very own, Fresh The Clowns, & D.C.’s favorite, Legendary Boyz, have raised the bar significantly with this heavy hitting “Popular Dance Trend” style dance music video to Migos single, “Call Casting”. Presented by Popular Dance Trends and the Hit That Dance Network.

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Big Trouble in South Rome | Full Movie Sub Eng / Rus

Full Movie | Big Trouble in South Rome | Cinema Full Movie Youtube | Subtitles English | Full ITA Movie | Feature Film Italian YouTube | Full Length Movie Streaming | Sub Eng | pwOeyjDwezk | Русские субтитры | Russian Subtitles | Big Trouble in South Rome | Full Movie …

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Trade12 Review 2017


In the modern day trading arena, the focus has shifted from a slow and stable style of trading, to a fast-paced day trading culture. Day trading was something unthinkable by the average trader a few decades. It was only practiced by individuals who had enough starting money and a license …

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Learn SEO Singapore

singapore seo

Stop your doubts in online marketing. Learn the proper techniques in SEO in Google now! We show you a very different way of SEO in i-Success Singapore.

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YouTube Video SEO – How To Rank YouTube Video Fast

Youtube Video SEO

Curious about YouTube video SEO? How to rank YouTube video fast in order to get more organic views, likes and subscribers? Well it’s not that hard. Just follow newt few tips from this post and watch these videos and your videos will perform much better in future! YouTube Video SEO …

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Local SEO Citations And Services

local seo citations

Local SEO citations are mentions of your business, address and name on various free or paid local listing websites. More citations your business website gets will result in better ranking of your listing on search engines where you get your best exposure as main source of organic traffic and visitors. …

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Local SEO Citations Services

local seo citations services

To understand importance of local SEO citations services for your business, website ranking and boosting online presence, please read my previous article about Local SEO Citations. Here is list of services i would recommend you to use and get best results for your local SEO:

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How To Start Image Consulting Business And Become Expert

image consulting business

The Image and Style Industry is one of the flourishing market sectors of recent years. Today the demand for quality image consultants has increased to a fresh high as new markets have emerged. Image Consulting Business has been broadened from makeover to body gestures, etiquette expert, interview skills, personal branding, …

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Enterprise SEO And Google Ranking Factors

enterprise seo - google ranking factors

Enterprise SEO is more then basic SEO and main difference is that enterprise SEO is made for large business websites with huge amount of pages, posts and product for sale, so it requires much more efforts to rank high on search engines like Google. Few days ago i explained what …

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Domain authority stacking and it’s importance for SEO

domain authority stacking

Domain Authority Stacking is a risk-free and sustainable way of utilizing backlinks from different higher domain authority websites in order to position your website higher on search engines without penalization of any type. In domain authority stacking approach, high authority third party platforms are utilized to help position so that …

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is optimizing website, it’s posts, pages, images and design to satisfy rules of the various search engines in order to get better search engine ranking position (SERP) or said in simple words to become found on search engines while people searching. Taking the web site at …

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